LEMG is one of the premier event production and audio-visual experts in the industry. We offer everything from site planning, event design, lighting, sound, video, projection, staging, decor, show producers and technicians.
As a second-generation firm, our decades of experience and commitment to our industry is second to none. LEMG can handle all aspects of planning and implementation for any kind of event; whether a conference, convention, trade show, corporate meeting or live event.
Closeup of a hand adjusting audio controls for an event

Our Mission

To bridge the gap between great ideas and the people that need to hear them

Our Vision

Create smarter, more accessible and more powerful event production services for an increasingly distributed audience

An event space with colorful lighting and large screens

Our Leadership

Headshot of Tom Durban

Tom Durban


Headshot of Seth Macchi

Seth Macchi


Headshot of Ben Durban

Ben Durban

President & CTO

Our Team

Headshot of Blake Gullatte

Blake Gullatte

Warehouse & Logistics

Headshot of Blake Williams

Blake Williams

Warehouse & Logistics

Headshot of Christina Barcley

Christina Barcley

Account Executive

Headshot of Damon Phillips

Damon Phillips

Director of Sales

Headshot of Faith Klaus

Faith Klaus

Account Manager

Headshot of Geoffrey Lapatra

Geoffrey LaPatra

Senior Project Manager

Headshot of Robert Smith

Robert Smith

Branch Manager,

Headshot of Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Project Manager

Headshot of Seth Neal

Seth Neal

Project Manager

Headshot of Scott Parker

Scott Parker

Director of Project

Headshot of Emily Hunter-Valencia

Geoffrey LaPatra

Senior Project Manager

Headshot of Emily Hunter-Valencia

Emily Hunter-Valencia

Technical Production Lead

Headshot of Emily Hunter-Valencia

Madison Fitzgerald

Marketing Specialist

Headshot of Emily Hunter-Valencia

James Mueller

Inventory Manager