How Breakout Sessions Enhance Your Event

How Breakout Sessions Enhance Your Event

Every year we see events getting more individualized and customized with content tailored to the needs of their attendees. One way that companies are achieving this is by adding breakout sessions to their itineraries. A Breakout session is a small, group meeting...

Why Rent Show Computers?

Why Rent Show Computers?

Show computers, the computers at front of house that are facilitating the speaker presentation or videos, are an often overlooked critical component of corporate events. While the “show computer” line item might seem like a great place to cut...

Should You Use In House AV?

Should You Use In House AV?

Months have been spent planning for your annual event. The venue has been under contract for some time now. All the details are set from the food to the decor to the entertainment. The last thing you need to confirm is the in-house hotel AV pricing and services. You...

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