Every year we see events getting more individualized and customized with content tailored to the needs of their attendees. One way that companies are achieving this is by adding breakout sessions to their itineraries. A Breakout session is a small, group meeting usually planned around a specific discussion or subsection of the greater meeting. It’s a place where attendees can engage with each other and be more involved in conversations. Breakout sessions allow attendees to participate instead of sitting in the audience and listening to keynote speakers. Additionally, with the rise of virtual conferences, these breakout sessions have become increasingly crucial for guests to socialize with one another in their separate locations. Below we have some reasons for how breakout rooms can enhance your event experience.




Private Settings Encourage Attendee Participation-

In larger sessions and conferences, it takes more work for attendees to contribute their ideas and engage more in the topics. It’s easier to let small details slip by as you concentrate on the bigger picture. Smaller, more specialized sessions allow guests to speak their minds and bounce ideas off others. Talking in a smaller setting can also calm attendees’ nerves and give them the confidence to be candid about their beliefs. Additionally, paying attention and engaging in discussion with attendees in a small and intimate setting is more effortless.


Improves Networking-

For most people, it’s essential to meet as many people as possible at events and conferences, whether you attend every session or not. One of the best ways for your attendees to network is through breakout sessions! You can meet professionals who share your interests and start conversations with them about topics related to the session you are attending. In addition, breakout rooms give professionals a chance to network in a focused way. The one-on-one conversations that form in breakout rooms can be more valuable than the dozens of introductions at the general session space. These intimate conversations and introductions are great for meeting potential clients or partners for future projects!


Specialized Content-

When it comes to learning, people like to be specialized. Breakout sessions focus on content that is important to your guests. The main general session might only touch on some topics related to a particular attendee, but you can host sessions that are specific to certain departments or roles. In return, attendees will be more focused and retain more information if it’s more specialized. For example, if you are a manager attending a conference for business leaders, you may not want to spend only some of your time learning how to improve sales or marketing. Instead, you may like to learn how technology can help your team do their job better.


Increases Collaborations-

Breakout sessions are a highly effective way to get attendees talking to one another and working on problems together. It’s easier to have a dialogue or work with others if everyone listens to the same general session. Breakout sessions let attendees meet and talk with other people at the event, which increases collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving. They allow attendees to interact with others with different skill sets than they do or who might have different perspectives, background knowledge, or experiences they can learn from. Working together can create new ideas, connections, and solutions that wouldn’t exist otherwise.



Breakout sessions are vital because they promote more profound, interactive engagement between your audience and your speaker. Breakout sessions also make it possible to bring up the most popular topics of discussion at the end of the event so that everyone attending can benefit from the knowledge gained. Many event venues have designated rooms for breakout sessions, and is a great option to add to your package; It’s even easier to create breakout sessions during virtual events. Make sure you consider increasing your engagement, participation, collaboration, and more with breakout sessions!