In-person events have long been the Holy Grail for event managers and meeting planners. They cover the gamut of experiences, too—continuing education, conferences, sales meetings, sporting events, and other entertainment. Online events and meeting technology have evolved, but they haven’t quite kept pace with the dynamics of in-person events—until now.

Why’s that, you may wonder? Until recently, taking in-person events online required cobbling together multiple digital components such as a mobile app, video conferencing software and slide sharing, and crossing your fingers it would all come together. 

Introducing The Virtual Experience, an online event unlike any other. Best of all, it doesn’t require reinventing Dr. Frankenstein’s monster to make it work. 

Instead, The Virtual Experience is just that: a virtual experience that makes your end-user number one by delivering an engaging, impactful, live event within a virtual environment from any device they choose. It even passed our ultimate test—“how easily can one of our dads use it?”—with flying colors.

Living Life on a Digital Plane

We recognize the increasing need to go virtual with everything from corporate to social events. Simultaneously, we acknowledge how easy it is to find yourself adrift in the blur of online opportunities, losing engagement left and right. That said, we live in a world that’s embracing more virtual events as part of digital strategy, even as many of us worry about coming up short without an in-person physical experience. You don’t have to compromise. Instead, you can have a 100% face-to-face, real-time, full-fledged dynamic digital event or offer an event that’s partially in-person and partially virtual.

Then, instead of focusing your energies on hundreds, if not thousands, of in-person meals, Internet bandwidth, room acoustics capacity concerns, you scale back on the sheer number of physical attendees to make it more exclusive, VIP-only. 

Another option is to go fully digital and plan an event exclusively available for online consumption, monetizing it on a whole new level because of expanded reach. 

Moreover, a virtual component is a powerful way to capitalize on a sold-out, in-person event. An online experience is an opportunity to sell lower-tier tickets after the fact. The possibilities are endless with The Virtual Experience, something we’re not seeing anywhere else on the market. 

virtual experience screen cast

What is The Virtual Experience?

The Virtual Experience, a platform that’s ripe for reinventing virtual events and the next best thing to being there live. It is dynamic, very interactive, innovative and energetic: all the best things you associate with in-person event opportunities.

The Virtual Experience is the most robust, user-friendly virtual experience solution in the world.

Yes, we recognize that’s a huge claim. But we’re leveling up the online experience. You can engage people live versus airing a video that looks like something you’d watch on TV.

Forget about the other streaming services you’ve tried and go full-bore with The Virtual Experience. Here’s why:

Safe and Secure

It features secure registration and security components that are super simple to use (see our “dad” pilot program mentioned above!) and accessible to everyone.

It even integrates with major vendors such as Eventbrite and Brushfire. Ticketing ranges from public to multi-tiered access, ideal for situations that might involve seasonal ticket holders or VIP-level customers.

All of the registration and ticketing is built within a safe and secure infrastructure. And if you’re a numbers cruncher (or your marketing person is), The Virtual Experience features analytics you’ll definitely want. You can track everything, including whether individuals tuned into a particular session and truly earned their continuing education credits. Moreover, organizers can see if someone bought a ticket to the event but didn’t attend or how long someone attended and engaged with it. We recognize you can’t better the user experience without first measuring it, and the same is true for each event.

You’ve Got (Control of) the Look

This is the fun part – The Virtual Experience offers a very dynamic page design that can flex to your needs.

Need to add social feeds, remote video cutaways, countdown timers or giving opportunities? No problem.

Do you want a live show that features one look for the opener, then cuts to a video and showcases sponsors? Sure thing.

Want immediate video playback post-show? You got it.

And, does your marketing department require that everything remain on brand? We can modify your design to meet your company’s brand standards. It really comes down to your imagination and what you want on the web page.

Video Player

The flexibility continues within the context of the video player. It can supply speaker information while someone is presenting. With a pop-up QR code option encouraging viewers to scan and give to your cause, there’s a slew of other interactive functionality that keeps people engaged during a presentation, such as user polls and chat functions, whether one-on-one with the presenter or with one another.

Post-Show Archive

Your event is available immediately in a post-show archive upon its completion. You can grant access to all, or part, of the recorded material to ticketed attendees as you wish for a predetermined time, by session attendance, etc. You can even mix it up with packages that offer a certain level of access to both in-person and virtual events.

The Virtual Experience: Virtually Limitless Opportunities

Going virtual – or partially virtual – with your signature events creates opportunity rather than shrinking it. The right technology engages your audience with a dynamic, innovative, user-friendly, and just plain fun experience… The Virtual Experience.

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