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Remote Webcasting

Need to stay where you are physically while the streaming team comes to you? Our Remote Webcasting service is the perfect solution. So what does remote web casting really mean? Simply put, we can come to you at the venue of your choice: a board room, an office, a ballroom or even a parking lot. Wherever you need us to be, we’ll come to you and broadcast your message to the audience who needs to hear it.

Remote Webcasting Scenarios

There are myriad scenarios where you might use remote webcasting, which makes it highly effective and extremely versatile. Moreover, there are lots of different methods for broadcasting live on the internet, meaning that if you hold more than one kind of event, presentation, or meeting, we recommend different methods.

With that in mind, here are a few exceptional remote webcasting examples:

Remote Webcasting a Community Meeting

Community Meeting

For a joint project involving 2 adjacent counties, council members from both counties decided to meet in a centrally located venue. Because there were double the number of participants, we needed to ensure that the ensuing broadcast could capture all the discussion. As a result, multiple cameras were utilized so that online viewers could see participants from any angle for the best possible experience.

Remote Webcasting an Executive Presentation

Executive Presentation

An executive team needed to address both their internal staff and external shareholders for a matter that was important to all. Because the sensitive nature of the address made security essential, their IT staff required complete control of the platform. The webstream was broadcast from a large meeting space within their headquarters and made exclusively available to the two specific audiences via unique address and password access.

Webcasting a Remote Office Shoutout

Remote Office Shoutout

A company with multiple satellite offices held a large meeting to award an offsite location accolades for superior service. In order to give the award to the remote team in real-time, we sent one crew to their hometown for the bulk of the meeting and a second crew to the remote location with a setup allowing 2-way communication with the home office. The remote staff surprised by the award and our services meant that the larger team could interview them live.

What To Expect With Remote Webcasting

Whether or not working with a remote web cast team is new to you, you’ll never go back after working with us. After all, we make it easy for you without disrupting your other business operations.

Here’s What You Can Expect Working With Our Team:

Small Footprint – Our team requires a very small amount of physical space to pull off your webcast. How small? A 6’ table and a couple chairs should do it. The only other requirement is dependable internet service. We take care of the rest!

Minimal Gear – Most remote webcasts don’t require tons of set up or hardware. In fact, most likely, we’ll only need to bring a few computers, some video gear, and of course, a camera.

We make video streaming from a remote location simple and headache-free. When you bring our professional team in, we take care of the logistics so you can do what you do best—talk to your audience!

Our discussion on webcast applications continues with a deep dive into Studio Webcasting. And, of course, if you need help figuring out how to get started and what it is that you need, we offer consulting services. Just contact us to get started!

Check out our full suite of Webcasting Services.

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