2020 held a lot of promise for the growth of the event planning industry.

And then the industry had to completely redefine event planning.

So many of the events planned in 2020 were either canceled or had to completely change their format in a hurry.

The University of Southern California Games Expo for gamers and developers had to go virtual for the first time. For the first time in 34 years, SXSW in Austin, Texas, had to cancel their event weekend, the largest film, media, and music collaborative conference in the nation. Zoom, Facetime, and Microsoft Teams became top interaction methods for coworkers, friends, and virtual event producers/attendees.

The landscape of event production was challenging and completely shifted in 2020. But where does all of that leave 2021?

How can you safely hold events while a pandemic is still going on? Is it safe to attend events in-person? But they can’t possibly cancel again this year, right?

Event planners are moving forward with events in 2021, but they may look a little different than what we’re used to with several emerging trends for event production.

Hybrid Events

While in-person events at full capacity may be on hold for the time being, the growth of hybrid events may be something we see more of in 2021.

Limited capacity events may still be held in-person with the same material also being offered in an online format for those who may not be able to attend.

Events may also be shorter (i.e. a day rather than a full weekend) and finish out online with speakers, interactive sessions, and more. This also gives event planners a chance to digitally promote their social media and sponsors in both the in-person and online formats, as well as give previews for what may be to come.

Less Contact, Not Less Engagement

Who says physical touch is needed for an event to have attendee engagement?

With social distancing mandates in place, it’s near impossible for physical touch to be incorporated into planned events right now.

Webcasting your event can include everything from demonstrations to chats, live streams, breakout rooms, and more, none of which have to involve physical touch but keep up the desired engagement and reach of the event production process.

If anything, this new digital (and remote) age of event production leaves room for even more engagement. From online previews to post-event activities and follow-ups, event production doesn’t have to end when the event itself does.

Open Communication

Communication has always been an important part of event planning and production. Now that everyone has the web in the palm of their hand, it’s a crucial element of any event. They’ll want all of the information they can get.

Sharing enough information about the event, whether in-person or online, is just as important as avoiding information overload for your attendees.

How can you give them all of the necessary information without constant emails and social notifications?

Looking for alternative methods of full-circle communication will be prominent in 2021. New marketing techniques means that communication between the marketing and event production teams will also be more important than ever.

Planning and marketing are coming together in 2021. How do you efficiently market a hybrid or digital event while also trying to plan the event itself?

(Hint: You can’t). Involving your marketing team, engagement team, and event production/strategy planning team working cohesively in the same process will help in executing a seamless event every time. That means communication is key.

Marketing (but from a Single Platform)

With all of the extra bells and whistles of planning, promoting, and producing a potentially hybrid or alternate event in 2021, marketing may seem a bit complicated.

Invest time (and resources) into a single marketing platform for your event. Look for trending project management platforms for organization and communication between teams as you lead the event production process.

Using a single platform, especially between teams, will keep efficiency, organization, and niche marketing for your event intact. Move from your event invitation to your website, the registration, event information, and more with tools that are all connected to the same platform.

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