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Add Webcasting to a Live Event

At LEMG, we produce hundreds of live events each year. Why? Live events provide opportunities for organizations to teach, train, empower, encourage, support and sell. Until the technological revolution, meetings have been more or less the same for thousands of years. People show up, communicate a message, and everyone involved interacts with each other. In the modern era, large organizations have started to harness the power of  live video through expensive satellite TV. However, thanks to advances in recent technology, companies of all sizes can now use webcasting through a wide variety of platforms, including social media, to reach a larger audience. This has revolutionized the ability of organizations of all sizes to allow their message to be heard on a global scale with minimal investment. 

Today, we’re here to tell you why you want to consider adding webcasting to your next live event.

Why Add Webcasting to My Live Event?

Webcasting your live event gives you the opportunity to reach many, MANY more people. And recent events mean that broadcasting your live event by webstream is more essential now than ever. We’re discussing three great reasons adding webcasting to your live event will pay off in a big way.

Return on Investment

Producing an event requires a considerable investment of time, money and resources. Here’s the thing: no matter how incredible your marketing, no matter how devoted your employees and fans, you simply cannot reach everyone with an in-person event.

Webcasting your live event makes it more accessible to those who can’t make it to a physical setting for any reason, and otherwise would be sitting in their home office with their four-legged friends.

Additionally, webstreams enable you to reach those who are not local! Think about it. The online world extends, well, worldwide. Webcasting allows you to communicate your message to an audience it’s not realistic to connect with in person.

With these extra avenues to reach many more organizations and individuals, you will see an overall increase in your return on investment, whether your live event is a monetized revenue driver, a team training, or somewhere in between.

If you’d like to chat about ways that you can monetize your webcast, we’ve seen it all and would be happy to discuss on a consult call.

Increased Engagement

When you add webcasting to your live event, your impact will be exponentially stronger. We’ve already discussed how you can reach participants from other organizations or geographic areas, which has so much power to grow your business.

A larger audience allows you to increase engagement, reach more people, and build authority. What’s more, you’ll also receive more comments, shares, likes, followers, and viewing time for your event.

Including live Q&As allows you to instantly answer your viewers’ questions. You can connect with a remote keynote speaker to create great value for your live audience, which in real life, may not be feasible, both in economic and logistical terms.

Repackage for Other Audiences

Content is king in our world today. Webcasting provides the ability to archive your live event and make it available for later consumption, saving you time and energy in the future. What’s more, it gives you incredible, authentic content that you can repurpose for other areas, whether marketing, training, or sales. With a good video editor (we have a few on staff), you can even parse up the video into relevant pieces that you can push out to audiences, whether paid, social, or even to build organic traffic on your website.

Watch for our next post in this series to learn more about how to use your webcast archive.

Check out our full suite of Webcasting Services.

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