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Studio Webcasting

Studio webcasting gives you the highest level of control over your streaming environment. Our studio features all the technical components and hardware for any streaming options. We can set up infinite combinations of set pieces, lighting and camera configurations. What this means for you is a studio environment that we can control completely, so that your broadcast leads to the exact experience you and your audience need.

Studio Webcasting Scenarios

As with a Remote Webcast, Studio Webcasting works well using a variety of different applications for a wide range of audience types, while meeting almost any budget requirement. If you’re not sure what a studio experience might look like, that’s okay! We’ve compiled a list of some of our most popular programs so that you can get a feel for how it might work for your needs.


Businesses everywhere offer ongoing training for their clients and employees. Taking the event online doesn’t mean you have to drop the training or breakout meetings. Instead, by producing webinars live in the studio and recorded for on-demand viewing, we can help you manage the entire tech side without taking over your office or limited space.

Executive Addresses

If your executive team needs to share the message with a branded look and feel, using a studio environment to present the latest info will give you the most professional message possible.

Product Demonstrations

These studio webcasts look a lot like live tv shows! We can help you host exciting, interactive events in real-time to demo or roll out your company’s newest launch!

Virtual General Session

The General Session is typically known for a call to action or rally point within a business meeting setting. The studio will allow you to utilize the latest in multimedia, just like in a physical meeting, to create an exciting and engaging general session for all of the players who need to be present.

What To Expect With Studio Webcasting

Our studio provides a comfortable environment for your entire team and we want you to know what to expect from us!

We will be prepared and ready for your meeting when you arrive. You won’t have to wait for set up! We’ll make sure to have everything we’ve discussed ready for you at your scheduled studio time.

We make comfortable “green room” areas available for people to wait for their turn to speak. This is particularly important when you have multiple components to your studio webcast.

We also have a full staff and all of the equipment we need for your streaming needs. All you’ll need to bring is your people, your notes, and any proprietary items you want to display.

The bottom line is that video streaming from a studio solves many challenges inherent in a remote setting, including space for your team to gather, equipment needs, and streaming bandwidth.

As we continue our discussion on webcast applications, head to our next blog on Adding Webcasting to your Live Event. And, of course, if you need help determining how to get started and your needs, we offer consulting services. Just contact us to get started!

Check out our full suite of Webcasting Services.

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